He began to study the Tarot in depth in , to write a computer program which can do a valid Tarot reading; and now loves to teach beginners how to set aside the logical, rational mind and tune in to the truths which can be revealed by the intuitive, non-rational mind using symbolic divination systems like the Tarot cards.

George Michael (Cancer)

Before finding his Aquarian 10th-House calling as a full-time astrologer , and now an entrepreneur on the World Wide Web , Michael tried typical Sun in Taurus careers: engineering practical , insurance agent and trust company officer money , and disc-jockey music. The versatility of Gemini rising led him to dabble in a variety of other fields: technical writing for a tele- communications firm; clothing salesman, marketing officer, book publisher's representative informing and persuading ; paralegal researcher facts collecting ; nightclub manager, singles club operator, and dating service owner socializing and "connecting".

In typical Gemini fashion, Michael often had two jobs or two projects on the go at the same time; and he has that mercurial kind of mind that goes with having Mercury in Gemini. He hopes to scuba dive and swim with the dolphins someday, take a cruise in the Aegean Sea, and visit Hawaii again.

And maybe learn to fly. Michael Star does not see Astrology as a simplistic or fatalistic view of "what the stars foretell", but as a tool for self-discovery and self-awareness that lets us see the order amidst the chaos and realize new meaning and purpose in our lives. The horoscope chart can also show us our karmic curriculum , the times in our lives when life's major lessons are ready to be presented for teaching or testing.

In Michael's view, the proper use of Astrology is to let us see "the map of our Soul's journey" in this lifetime; which can be read in the horoscope by the positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets at the time and place of our birth.

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Just as the genetic coding of our body's cells can be examined in a microscope, the unique coding of our psyche can be examined in the macro-scope of the heavens which we call "the horoscope". The word horoscope translated from the Greek actually means "image of the hour" , and the horoscope chart is just that When we learn the art of Astrology and apply it to interpret our horoscope, we can read that map of "our personal place in Time and Space". As road-maps show us where roads will lead us, so can the horoscope map show us where our Soul will lead us, and the best ways to get there.

Aldebaran Star – The Bulls Eye – Astrology King

Michael Star takes a psycho-spiritual approach to Astrology and his interpretations of the birth horoscope. He says:. The list goes on. Michael has brought together some of the leading astrologers around to share their knowledge at the forum he moderates, ACT Astrology. It is a strong aspect anyway giving initiative and energy to succeed, able to lead and gain support from others for his ventures. These qualities are strengthened further because the rising star is Mars natured, the fixed star Antares , the Rival of Mars because of it similarity in colour.

Algenib is also a Mars natured star, with a touch of Mercury to give a sharp mind which fits well with the mental alertness of Antares.

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All so very Mars, activity, action, getting the job done. Antares, as one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia may also give talent in astrology.

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The Sun is at the midpoint of the trine from Saturn to Neptune-Midheaven. Linked with positive stellar bodies, success is made greater….

With the Sun, a valiant demeanor is indicated…. Great help from friends, gifts and legacies.

Maura (Sagittarius) and Chris (Leo):

This is yet another star giving intelligence, and this aspect of Neptune conjunct Midheaven may explain the spiritual approach to his career in astrology. Neptune also rules music along with mysticism and religion.

Nakshatras with Michael Reed

North Node in there just tops it all off — Dharma. Now to tie these aspects together in the Minor Grand Trine. The trine from Saturn to the culminating Neptune gives structure and concrete results to the spirituality of Neptune.

Birth Chart: George Michael (Cancer)

Dreams have become realities, there have been major material manifestation.